Janice Cahambing, NP
Cerebral Provider
ABOUT Janice Cahambing, NP

Janice is a board-certified nurse practitioner. She moved across the world to the United States many years ago to pursue advanced studies in nursing. She has experience in variable clinical settings, including inpatient trauma medical centers and psychiatric hospitals, short and long term rehabilitation centers in a variety of adult and geriatric settings, and primary/urgent care telemedicine. She has a strong passion for psychiatry and believes that there is a powerful connection between the body and the mind for equal human balance to maintain a healthy and absolute quality of life. She is committed to partnering with her patients in shared decision-making and coming up with a treatment plan to optimize mental health. She has special interest in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia and mood disorders. Janice is dedicated to facing the challenge of removing the stigma around mental health in the US and worldwide.

It doesn’t have to take over your life, it doesn’t have to define you as a person, it’s just important that you ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness.