Jaxx Alutalica, LMFT
Cerebral Care Manager
ABOUT Jaxx Alutalica, LMFT

Jaxx is a Care Manager at Cerebral. As a licensed therapist, Jaxx holds a strong belief that we should all have access to the kind of mental health care that enriches our lives and makes them more vibrant and enjoyable. Jaxx holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling and Couples and Family Therapy and currently is working towards a PhD in Critical Sexuality Studies. They are an avid traveler and nature lover who finds joy in doing anything that moves the body and creates new experiences. In their personal time they love fantasy novels, curling up with their naked cats, and finding adventure in the mundane.

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unabashed conversation. When you heal your mind, you heal your world.