Sarah Crosswell
Cerebral Care Counselor
ABOUT Sarah Crosswell

Sarah Crosswell is a Care Counselor at Cerebral with a fascination for social dynamics and automatic thought patterns. She earned a degree in Psychology from Columbia University. She previously worked in the legal services and corporate real estate sectors and has since returned to pursue an overhaul to the mental health field. Outside of her work as a Care Counselor at Cerebral, she volunteers at a local organization that supports therapeutic horsemanship to children with physical and cognitive differences. She is a strong advocate for a multifaceted approach to wellbeing, resists the idea of “exercise” in favor of “returning to your body”, and believes in reframing thoughts and experiences to build emotional resiliency.

While every individual experience is different, the reality is that no one is particularly special. We all struggle, we all doubt, and we all strive.