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How Cerebral Care works

Getting Started

  • 1. Fill out a short online form

    Just a few short questions to help us understand your symptoms.

  • 2. Hop on a video call with your provider

    Let’s chat. Your prescribing provider will help determine your treatment plan.

  • 3. Meet your Care Counselor

    Your Care Counselor supports you along your journey—say hello on a video call.

Every Month

  • 1. Get your medication mailed monthly

    If prescribed, we’ll ship your medication to your door each month.

  • 2. Monthly chat with Care Counselor

    Meet monthly with your Care Counselor to discuss progress & learn new skills, like mindfulness.

  • 3. Check in with your provider

    Video chat with your provider to make sure everything is on track.

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David C - Irvine, CA
3 days ago

At first, I really was nervous to use an online service for my anxiety. However, the reliability of my care manager and my prescribing doctor has been super helpful as I know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Plus, medication delivery is really convenient for my busy schedule. Cerebral makes it so easy!!!

Jackson C - Cleveland, OH
4 days ago

WOW! I’ve been feeling so much better since my provider helped me through a new medication  for my anxiety. At first, I was skeptical about using the internet to get my meds. But my doctor really took the time to find the right meds for me, and she talks to my care manager to make sure the overall program is working outside of the meds too.

Alana J - Los Angeles, CA
5 days ago

My prescribing doctor helped me think through if medication was right for me, and my care manager responds really quickly when I have questions about side effects and more. I also love that Cerebral didn’t try to push hardcore medications like Xanax on me for my insomnia. My treatment plan is working well so far, so I recommend Cerebral.

Alex M - Los Angeles, CA
6 days ago

My therapist suggested I consider antidepressants months ago, but the cost to see a psychiatrist was too high. So I just didn’t try antidepressants at all for awhile. Since my therapist referred me to Cerebral, I get to talk not only to my prescribing doctor but also to a care manager who makes herself available to answer all of my questions.

April D - Abilene, TX
1 week ago

I used to take time off work to spend hundreds of dollars to see a psychiatrist, who barely remembered my name. Now, my doctor at Cerebral really cares about me and listens to me. I just really feel heard. AND, they send my meds directly to my door, and my care manager is on it whenever I’m struggling despite the meds.

Diana L - Santa Cruz, CA
1 week ago

What an easy way to access really awesome care. Cerebral makes it easy - and my doctor and care manager really care about me. When I first signed up, I thought it would be all about medication, but my Care Manager Steven has showed me techniques like deep breathing exercises that really calm me down when I’m having a hard time.

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Our licensed prescribing providers are experts in helping clients select the best medication for their specific needs. We believe that everyone deserves access to personalized, non-judgmental mental health care.

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